Art of the Nineteenth Century. Painting and Sculpture

Art of the Nineteenth Century. Painting and Sculpture
Hardcover, linnen with illustrated dustjacket, large 4to, 23X30cm., 528 pp., with 502 illustrations, 89 in colour, with extensive bibliography and index. Excellent study on 19th century painting and sculpture. Reveals the connections between art and political/socio-economic movements. Rosenblum is prof of Fine Arts at the NY Univ. Janson was a prof at the same univ. but died in 1982. He was twice a Guggenheim Fellow.
Note LT on some special items:
Vassillii Vassilievich Vereshchagin (1842-1904) (The Apotheosis of War, 1871 = Turkestan wars), oil on canvas, Moscow (on p. 331);
see also Caillebotte, The Floorscrapers, 1875, oil on canvas, Louvre, Paris (on p. 359);
see also Thomas Anshutz, Ironworkers at Noontime, 1881, oil on canvas, SF (p. 397);
see also Paul Signac: psychedellic in 1890 (p. 351);
see also Joseph Chinard, The Republic, ca. 1793, Louvre, Paris (p. 103).
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