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Turkey - A Modern History

Hardcover, dj, in-8, 408 pp., illustrations, bibliographical notes, bibliography, index.

This edition of Erik J. Zurcher's acclaimed and definitive history builds upon the themes of Turkey's continuing incorporation into the West and the modernization of its state and society. It begins with the forging of closer links with Europe following the French Revolution, charts the fortunes of the Ottoman Empire in the nineteenth century and offers a strongly revisionist interpretation of the role of Turkey's founding father, Kemal Ataturk. In exploring the post-1950 period the author focuses on issues such as the growth of mass politics; internal and external migration, military coups and Turkey's human rights record; the transition from statism to an export-oriented market economy, Turkey's ambivalent relations with the Middle East and Europe; the growth of Islamism; the Kurdish question and the contested nature of Turkish identity.
For the Armenian genocide, see pp. 119-121.
For the Treaty of Lausanne (1923), see pp. 167-172.

ZÜRCHER Erik J.@ wikipedia

€ 12.5

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